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Not all cases of hair loss are the same. Some men wear their lack of hair as a mark of pride and manliness, and even shave their heads on purpose for a tougher or more attractive look.

Other men, however, do not achieve the same effect with a hairless head. Baldness can become a real problem for these men, who feel powerless in the face of their hair loss.

What’s the difference between the two types of men? Often it has to do with the illusion of control. In the eyes of others, choosing to have a shaved head is not the same as having a receding hairline or a pronounced, growing bald spot.

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Scalp Micropigmentation allows you to achieve the “shaved look” even if you suffer from advanced baldness. This wonderful procedure gives the illusion of a densely populated, shaved head, even in cases of very thinning hair.

Here are some of the benefits of SMP:

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WHAT does the process look like?

First meeting

You'll meet with our technician either face to face or via a video call.

Results definition

With our expert's help, you'll define the perfect hairline for you based on your looks and style.

SMP Intervention

After we define the look of your new hairline, we'll set an appointment for your intervention.


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these are the results you could achieve

Merchant City Medical Group - The leading SMP clinic in Ballymena

one of the few suppliers of scalp micropigmentation in the UK

Merchant City Medical Group is proud to be one of the leading providers of Scalp Micropigmentation within the UK. Our team of specialists have been performing SMP full time for over 7 years, becoming some of the leading performers in the industry.

We take great pride in offering the highest quality of standards and services to our patients. We will be there to provide the support and expertise you need throughout your journey, in a professional and safe environment, ensuring our patients feel comfortable at all times.

Trust is at the heart of everything we do and our friendly, straightforward, informative approach is designed to make you feel welcome and at ease

meet our specialist

Ashleigh Aitchison

Phlebotomist & Scalp Technician

meet our specialist

Ashleigh is our leading technician at Merchant City Medical Group, she has a wealth of experience within the hair restoration field. She trained within Harley Streets most prestigious clinics and has been working within the hair loss industry for more than 6 years. Ashleigh has travelled the UK & Ireland, providing her services to thousands of happy clients.

Ashleigh is regarded as one of the top leading scalp technicians within the UK & Ireland. She has trained many technicians within this field, her advanced techniques of Scalp Micro Pigmentation. She is highly sought after from clients, due to her experienced level of skills, and her patient care & understanding when carrying out sessions.

Ashleigh prides herself in the work that she carries out, creating the most natural results. Knowing that she has changed many clients lives for the better, she appreciates that her hard work and dedication, is extremely worth it.

what our clients say


Book your free SMP consultation and get access to 0% financing for up to 10 months. Limited time only!

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SMP is the leading procedure for people of all walks of life. This treatment is for you if:

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"In writing this testimonial, I cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism, customer care and standards of excellence that is the MERCHANT CITY MEDICAL GROUP.
Undoubtedly, it is the environment which has been created, that will separate them from others, what with their outstanding level of services provided and great value for money too - unquestionably for the end result, which is everyone's objective from the outset..."

-Brian Delaney, patient at the clinic

frequently asked questions about scalp micropigmentation

This hair treatment aims to achieve a shaved effect in men with all types of alopecia and to conceal the weakening or loss of hair in areas such as the eyebrows and beard.

It also aims to give patients a denser hair appearance by implanting natural pigments in the epidermis.

The pigments used are completely safe and do not cause any kind of adverse reaction.

The average time per session is between 2 to 4 hours. Usually three sessions are enough, although sometimes we perform a few more sessions if needed.

Yes, we will follow up with you to check over the procedure and offer you an additional session in case we need to change the results a little bit.

No, all shades of colour are replicable and all degrees of alopecia are treatable with scalp micropigmentation.

The optimum visual appearance and maximum hair length for optimum appearance will be determined by factors of hair density and how the hair is distributed.

The best appearance with SMP is achieved by frequent shaving or shaving. The shorter the hair the better the appearance, so most of our clients prefer to shave every two to three days.

Having texture with a shave once or twice a week is enough.

A quick shavewhen you have some experience should take no more than 2 or 3 minutes and is therefore not inconvenient. Frequent shaving is therefore highly recommended. It also ensures perfect aesthetics and keeps the treatment undetectable.

Right at the end of the session, your scalp will be red and irritated. This side effect will subside within the first 5 to 10 hours.

The intensity of the pigment colour will gradually increase until the third or fourth day.

Usually within 7 days it should be practically healed externally. Excessive sweating should be avoided until then.

After 15 days the pigment should have settled and you can return to a completely normal life.

During our first meeting you can chosse from one of several hairline shapes. Moreover, each one can be modified in the parameters of higher, lower, open or closed.

Each one of the possible hairlines is more suited to a type of complexion, ethnicity and cranial morphology.

The frontal line is a fully customisable element and the ones that best suit the client’s appearance will be recreated first, based on their morphology and, of course, their tastes.


Book your free consultation and get access to 0% financing for up to 10 months. Limited time only!


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