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Alopecia has become in recent years an increasingly widespread nuisance among adult men and women of virtually all ages. We notice how our hair falls out irremediably and this usually has serious consequences.

It is a reality that our hair determines our attractiveness to a great extent because, although it is not everything, it is a fundamental part of our look. That is why maintaining healthy and strong hair has become a major concern for many patients.

Fortunately, hair restoration techniques have come a long way in recent years. Especially hair micrografting operations, which are undoubtedly the most reliable and definitive option to recover our hair.

Within the methods of hair micrografting, we can use various techniques, each with its pros and cons. The most widespread technique and that, in general, offers the best results, is the FUE technique, which we explain below.

How does a hair transplant work?

The FUE technique is currently one of the hair micrografting techniques most commonly practiced in clinics throughout the country. It has spectacular results and allows us to recover our hair permanently.

At Merchant City Medical Group we are specialists in hair micrografting techniques, thanks to a team of qualified professionals and a personalized and honest attention.

In general, all hair micrografting techniques consist of extracting hair follicles from a donor area of our scalp and implanting them in a recipient area. These techniques are usually meticulous and require great precision.

The main difference between the FUE technique and other hair micrografting techniques such as FUSS, is that in this technique we extract the hair follicles individually instead of in strips. In this way we achieve a thorough and especially useful work to repopulate small areas with great results.

This hair technique is always performed under local anesthesia, so we make the operation a completely painless procedure, beyond the anesthesia prick. Once applied we will not notice anything.

With the FUE technique we distribute the hair from the donor area to the recipient with a 100% safe intervention if performed by qualified professionals. In any of our clinics we will perform an honest and transparent study in which we will explain what results you can achieve.

Who's a good candidate for a hair transplant?

At Merchant City Medical Group we recommend this treatment for all adults (preferably over 25 years of age) who begin to suffer from alopecia or uncontrollable hair loss.

There are other treatments to try to stop hair loss, such as the application or intake of drugs like Finasteride or Minoxidil. However, these treatments do not always guarantee results, and even less so when we are talking about advanced alopecia.

If your hair loss is too widespread throughout the scalp and your donor area does not have sufficient density, it is likely that you’ll need another type of hair graft. At Merchant City Medical Group we will study your case to tell you which option is best for you.

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Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace
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I have recently attended the practice for P-Shot (PRP) treatment. I chose to have this procedure, not for any medical reason but purely to enhance my sexual experience. I was extremely impressed at how quickly i noticed a difference. This procedure is absolutely brilliant, it takes minimal time, non-invasive and not painful at all. I would highly recommend it. The staff at Merchant City Medical Group could not have been kinder and more attentive. The clinic is a welcoming environment that will settle any nerves. It is DEFINITELY worth the money!!
Ross Allen
Ross Allen
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I recently got MSP and I could not be happier with it. The results are even better than what I thought it be would be!!

Anyone thinking about getting this treatment. I would highly recommend going to Merchant City Medical Group. Staff are very friendly and helpful. 5* from me all day long.

Thanks again 🙌🏼
John Fodden
John Fodden
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Got my scalp pigmentation done here. Amazing.

Wasn’t charged through the nose like other clinics were. Good staff and result is top notch! Well happy troops!
Adam Munro
Adam Munro
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I recently went to Merchant City Medical Group about the P-Shot to help with erectile dysfunction. I had done some research about the P-Shot and found Merchant City Medical offered this procedure. I had a consultation with Paul and was made to feel at ease with something that is quite an embarrassing matter. The procedure itself is completely pain free and I was in and out during my lunch hour. The doctor settled any nerves i had going into it. The results were instant that night and on going, it has boosted my sex life and confidence. I highly recommend P-Shot and Merchant City Medical Group.
The Muscle Hut
The Muscle Hut
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Great instant results from the micro scalp pigmentation procedure.

Great staff, very professional and friendly.

State of the art clinic based in merchant city Glasgow, 2mins from the train station. Highly recommend.
Leon Calder
Leon Calder
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Get my PRP sessions here at Merchant City Medial Group since I got my FUE.

Really happy with the results, been coming for the last 6 months and happy with the growth of my transplant.

I really think it has helped! Can not recommend the staff and the clinic highly enough .

Frequently Asked Questions

The hairs that we implant with the FUE technique are genetically prepared not to fall out. This is because we extract them from the donor areas of our scalp, which are usually the back and nape of the neck, which are never affected by alopecia.

Once the hair is transplanted to the recipient area, it grows as if it were in the donor area. This means that the FUE technique is considered to be the best option of all for hair micrografting.

In the FUE technique we can distinguish three phases within the intervention:

Phase 1: This would be the hair follicle extraction phase. It is one of the fundamental parts of the treatment and requires great precision. We use in this procedure cylindrical micro scalpels of 0.8-0.9mm in diameter.

Phase 2: In this phase we carefully prepare the hair follicles for implantation in the recipient area. We can prepare up to 3000 individual hair follicles.

Phase 3: This is the hair follicle implantation phase, being very similar to other techniques such as FUSS.

In the FUE technique, shaving of the donor areas is mandatory in order to extract the follicles accurately, since the shorter they are the better we can extract them.

The problem is that there are a large number of patients who for work or aesthetic reasons prefer not to shave. At Clínica ICA we recommend performing the hair micrografting in quiet months with few social events, to minimize these problems.

We have 3 methods to shave our donor area before the intervention:

  • Total shaving, in which we shave the entire scalp. This shaving technique is undoubtedly the most effective and the one we recommend by default, especially in men.
  • Partial shaving, in which we only shave the donor area. This will cause our appearance to change less after the treatment. It is a more aesthetically comfortable option.
  • Shaving in flaps, or curtains, in which we shave only parts of the donor area causing the remaining hair to fall over partially covering it. This type of shaving is the one chosen by most women, as they tend to see more problems in shaving the entire area aesthetically.

Any hair micrografting technique performed by qualified professionals such as those who make up the team at Merchant City Medical Group will offer good results. Even so, there are reasons to choose the FUE technique over other hair surgery procedures.

The main advantage of the FUE technique is that we go follicle by follicle, so that we will not leave visible scars after the treatment. Only a few small scabs will form, which will fall off and disappear during the first two weeks.

In addition, by not extracting strips as in the FUSS technique, we can maintain the hair density of our donor area, which makes the postoperative period shorter and with fewer aesthetic problems.

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